Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Story pt.3

Good Aafternoon, Ladies & Gentlemen,

May I present, for your reading pleasure, chapter three of my story. Now, I know this chapter is quite a bit shorter then the others. However, this part of my life was very difficult for me and it was very hard for me to write about. These short chapters will appear a few more times as I continue to tell you about myself. I hope it does not detract from your enjoyment of this unbelievably true story that is my life. As always, comments are welcome and I thank you for visiting my blog.

                                                              Legal Criminal

                                                              Chapter Three

It was quickly getting to the point where I again dreaded going to school. This time, though, it was because I was popular, not because I wasn't. My family was also acting strangely and I began to question the motives of everyone around me. I had no actual evidence that they were doing anything wrong, it was just an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. There were times I'd wake up in the middle of the night with between 1 and 4 women standing over my bed, watching me sleep. Sometimes I'd only pretend to go to sleep and watch them as then silently came in my room and stood over me. Being the only guy in the house, only one thing came to mind when I started catching them in my room. A few other things began to happen around that time as well. I was forced to share showers with my two cousins ( who were 7 & 8 years older than me) and all of the women began acting as my mother. I wasn't physically hit very often. But when I was, it was bad. As in I couldn't leave the house until the hand prints on my face went away. And it was different from woman to woman. One would hit while another controlled while another just ignored me. I learned to accept that this was my life and there wasn't anything I could do to make it any better. If I wasn't in school, I was in my room. It was at about this point that books and music became my passions. I had the stereo on all night and my face was always buried in one book or another.

A few months later, life again hit me below the belt. I was in school one day when I was called to the Principal's office. As I walked down the hall toward his office, I saw my family standing there, looking stiff and nervous. They told me I wouldn't be going to school for a while and they had some bad news for me. When we got out to the car, I was told my father had died. He had "water on his heart". (To this day, I still have no idea what that means). I could not have been happier if you had told me I just won the world lottery. Now, let me explain why I had a huge smile on my face.

I had only met my father five time in my life. And, on all but one of those occasions, he was drunk beyond any logical thought process.

My father was a bus driver and the very first time I met him, my mother took me on his bus to have lunch. We rode on his bus till he drove back to the depot. We then sat on the bus and talked while we had lunch. It was an alright day. I don't know what they expected to happen, but I didn't feel any different then at any other time in my life. The next three times I met him, over a period of several years, I began to realize that there was something seriously wrong with my life. As well as being a bus driver, my father also owned a bar. It was a special bar. The only patrons were police, firemen, and e.m.t.'s. The first time we went there, the bar wasn't even open yet. We went in and my mother sat at the bar and had a cup of tea. My father, who had started drink when his alarm clock went off in the morning, brought me in the back room and beat me worse than my family and enemies ever had combined. When we left, my mother took me to the hospital. I don't know what she told them, but, they bandaged me up and sent me home. This happened twice more, the exact same way, and each beating was just a little bit worse than the one before. An example of the abuse was a game of darts. Normally, you would stand a distance from the dart board and aim for the middle. Now, picture the same game, except using a small boy instead of a pointed edge plastic dart.

It didn't occur to me until much later that my mother never stepped in or said anything to him while this was going on. I found out the reason for that a few years later. Now, I'll tell you about visit number five. The very last time I ever saw my father.

Even at a very young age, I knew all holidays were bullshit. Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Thanksgiving. All lies. I played along, to a degree, so I wouldn't spoil it for everyone else. But I knew. One Christmas Eve, while I was supposed to be "sleeping so the jolly fat man would think I was being good", I heard sirens. Very loud ones. I got up and looked out my window. There, parked in front of my house, were two firetrucks and a cop car. The guy stumbling around drunk was clearly not St. Nick. He was carring a huge bag and you can guess the rest. I tried to go outside, but both of the doors to my room had been locked. I kept watching out the window as my aunt went out and had a huge argument with him. Eventually, he dropped the bag and climbed in one of the firetrucks as everyone pulled away. I then watched my aunt pick up the bag and throw it in the trash.

A while later, she came in my room and told me I didn't have to worry about anything and to go to sleep.
All things considered, I have no idea why they thought I'd be sad or depressed at his death. I wasn't allowed to go to the viewing or the funeral. I instead used the time to figure out what I wanted to do in my life. Being a somewhat intelligent person, I quickly understood what would happen when Jenny heard the news and devised a plan to counter her intentions about me. Don't get me wrong. I still believed her to be a very wonderful, beautiful, sexy young lady. I had learned, however, that she wasn't the one for me. I decided that I would much rather be single with no prospects. Even though I was very popular, I considered myself to be a loner and I attempted to live that life.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Story pt.2

Ladies & Gentlemen, I have decided that it would be easier for me ( and hopefully, more delicious for you) to release my story chapter by chapter here on my blog. I ask that you keep in mind that this is not fiction. And I remind you again that names have been changed to protect the innocent. And as always, comments are welcomed. Thank you and enjoy.

                                                                    Legal Criminal

                                                                    Chapter Two

My problems started up again when I started Jr. High school.My first week there, I met a girl names Colleen.She was the daughter of one of my teachers and a student there at the school. She was a very beautiful young woman. However, she had a slight problem with her temper and was also a kleptomaniac. For those that don't know, that means she was addicted to stealing things. Well, very soon after meeting her, we soon became a school couple. We never saw each other at any other time except when in school. One day, during lunch period, we walked across the street to the stationary store. That day, she made me an offer I could not refuse. We kissed all the time and that day, she offered me the chance to do a whole lot more if I would help her. She wanted me to "grab" a few cans of pineapple juice. Understand, this was way before shops began putting in cameras and metal detectors. The reward, in my opinion, was well worth the risk of getting caught.

Getting to school the next day, I found a note in my locker telling me to walk out to the woods behind the school when my lunch period came. Considering that Colleen wasn't there waiting for our morning kiss, I figured she just stayed home that day. When I entered the woods, however, I found her sitting on one of the fallen trees and waiting for me with a picnic lunch. It was basic sandwiches. The dessert, which surprised me, was an extended make-out session. After that, we raided the store every chance we got. No one ever said anything and we never got caught. And, our private lunches were more exciting every day.

One day, while in class, I was called to the Principal's office. I thought for sure that was it. I thought the shop owner had called the police and they came to bust me. That was not the case. I was informed that the school would be closing permanently. They wanted to send me to another school for one month to see if I liked it there. I was to start the new school that upcoming monday. When I told my girlfriend, she was quite upset. I told her to find out where she was going and I'd attend her school as well. I still had to follow the principals orders, but I would just tell him I didn't like any school until I attended Colleen's. That friday was the hottest lunch yet and she told me she'd have a special surprise when I got back a month later. There was only one thing left after everything we'd already done. I smiled and told her I'd miss her and that I'd be back as soon as I could.

When I arrived at the new school, I was brought directly to the principals office and was given the lowdown on everything. I was then introduced to the person who would be my "guide". He was a nothing little geek named Eric. I didn't like him from the start. He was a little pip-squeak and very in the closet. Gay people do not bother me. I have a lot of gay friends. This one, however, just grated on my nerves. I could tell he felt the same way about me. But, we were stuck together and I decided to just make the best of it and hoped the month would go by quickly. The first week went by without a hitch. I had made a few friends and the classes were about the same. Good people. It really didn't matter though as I has no plans to go to that school. I simply took everything with a nod and a smile. I then encounted a very serious problem there my second week.

I fell head over heels in love.

I saw her in the cafeteria one day, sitting by herself. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I just couldn't stop staring at her. I also noticed that she was watching me. Eric warned me to stay away from her. That she was a loser and off the deep end. I asked if she had a boyfriend and he just laughed. It was then that I found myself walking to her table to introduce myself. I couldn't talk for a second and she asked if I'd like to join her. I sat down and she asked me where my food was. I laughed and started to get up when Eric placed my tray in front of me, then walked away giving both of us dirty looks. It was her turn to laugh as I reached out my hand to shake hers. I spilled my juice all over the table. Not the best first impression, but it seemed to work. She was quite talkative and we finally got around to sharing our names. Hers was Jenny. She told me she had seen me in a few classes and was wondering if I'd ever get around to talking to her. I was then able to tell her about my transfer and that I'd only be there a month. She said that we'd best make excellent use of the time. Before I could ask her what she meant, the bell rung and she was up and gone in a flash.

The next day, all of my new friends and I were sitting at the lunch table and Eric was telling them all about what happened with me and the crazy girl the day before. While laughing, he got real serious and muttered "oh no" under his breath. I then felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see her standing there looking very upset. I stood up and gave her my seat. I grabbed a chair from another table and sat next to her and she and Eric began to argue loudly. I attempted to settle things down and was told to shut up and stay out of it from both of them. I stepped in when I saw Eric was about to take a swing at her. I knocked him over the table before I realized I'd even touched him.He was then carted off by a teacher. When we sat down again, I tried to get to the bottom of things. She told me it was all concerning something that had happened between them years ago. When I asked if they were ever romantic with each other, she laughed and said not even in his wildest dreams could her get a girl like herself. When I smiled and asked if I had a shot, she smiled back and said I didn't need one. I was already "in".

The tension for the next week was horrible.Eric avoided us like the plague and Jenny affection towards me was growing in leaps and bounds toward infatuation. It was about that time that I learned a very important life lesson. Love at first sight is sometimes a very dangerous thing. Jenny seemed determined to excluded me from all my other friends. I was hers only and she was going to teach me that lesson no matter what the cost was to me. She wasn't nasty or mean about it. She would lure me away from people with all the sweetness a barely teenage girl could muster. Which was quite a bit in her case and I quickly lost all my new friends.

One day, when I came home from school, I was informed that Colleen had called me and left her number.When I called her back, she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she asked me to meet her where we had our picnics. When I got there, she hugged me tightly and said she had both good and bad news. The bad news was that her mother had gotten a job at another school and she would be leaving at the end of the school year. I told her that no matter school it was, I'd attend. She said I couldn't as it was in another state. I held her tightly to me and shed a few tears myself. After we cried for a while, I asked her what the good news was. At that, she smiled deeply and said she decided she couldn't wait any longer. It took me a minute to realize what she was talking about. When I did, I started blushing bright red.

Right there, on the grass and fallen leaves, we shared our bodies with each other. It was an amazingly wonderful experience and one that I will always keep in my heart.Afterwards, as we lay in a tight embrace, she asked me about the new school. I told her it was ok. She asked if I had met anyone special and I assured her I was making a lot of new friends. However, no one could ever take her place as my little teacher's pet. We layed there for hours talking and touching.We made love one more time and then it was time for her to get home. I walked her home, and kissed her at her front door. She then told me, for the first time since we'd met, that she loved me. I couldn't help but cry as I walked home.

I was still depressed when Jenny found me the next day. She asked me what happened and I told her that a good friend of mine was moving away. She tried to comfort me but it was no good. She told me she'd think of something to make me happy as we ate lunch together. The next day, she pulled me off the food line and dragged me outside to a table in the back of the school. She told me she had talked to her mother and they decided to make me a lunch. I sat down and began to cry again. Jenny, being an intelligent young woman, put 2 & 2 together and asked if my friend that was moving away was my girlfriend. I, being an honest man, said yes. Even though she was pissed, as I could hear in her voice, she informed me I didn't need anyone else as I had her. When I asked her if she loved me as my girlfriend did, she told me she loved me more than anyone did. When I asked her why, she said because she knew it would be me and her together for the rest of our lives.

I was tempted to tell her that was impossible as I had no idea what would happen after summer break. However, I decided not to. I don't know if it was because of our friendship or if it was something else. I briefly considered that Jenny might be the one for me. She constantly told me that she was my soulmate. I decided to just see what happened. I had a lot going on at home and really didn't need the extra stress. That afternoon, as I walked out to my bus, I stopped and gave her a kiss. Just a peck on the cheek and told her to have a great summer. I walked away with her blushing a huge smile. It was the first real physical contact I'd show to her.

The rest of the year at my real school was very difficult. Colleen was a constant reminder of love and innocence lost. We still raided the store on occasion and had our private lunches, but it was never the same. Before, she was a firery little minx, currently, she was a sad, frightened little girl. We were always the center of attention among our friends. I, more then once, was forced to fight for our privacy. About a week before school was suppose to end for the summer, I received some horrible news. Her mother called me into a classroom and told me she had always liked me as both a student and boyfriend to her late daughter. Colleen had committed suicide one night while her parents were out. The news struck me like a rock to the back of the head and I vomited right there on the floor. I took a few weeks off and could not even force myself to go to her viewing or funeral. I just couldn't bare the thought of her being gone. So, with the exception of my finals, I spent all of my time in the woods where we had our picnics. I'd lay on the ground next to the fallen tree and cry all day and night. My friends, of course, were sympathetic. Family and teachers shared my pain and cried with me when I began to lose control around them.

And yet, thought it all. I could only think of one thing. Jenny.

I fell deep into myself that summer. I'd explode at the slightest whim and didn't care about anything. It was also about that time that I began smoking weed. My best friend, Timothy, invited me to his house to hang out one day. He knew about Colleen and and was doing his best to make me feel better. His older brother, was a dealer. I had only met his brother once before and he seemed like a cool guy. Tim and I were just hanging out when his brother came by and offered to take us out to get pizza and some videos. I guess he must have told his brother about my loss, because they were both going out of their way to get me anything I wanted and was telling me all kinds of jokes. We got two pizzas and his brother got a porn movie to go with our selections. While I watched my first porn, they began rolling joints. I knew a little about drugs, but nothing firsthand. When Tim, who was also smoking, passed the it to me, I jumped right in. Getting high is a strange experience. It can't really be described unless you're already been through it. Then the realized I was enjoying it, they rolled a few just for me. I put them in an empty cigarette pack that Tim had. Within a week, I had smoked them all. This happened several more times over the course of the summer. And when school started back up, I was a completely different person. A person Jenny considered an enemy.

From the first day, we fought like cats and dogs. Not only screaming matches, but actual fist fights. Now, understand that I was raised never to hit a woman. However, if someone, anyone, hits me I WILL hit them back. It seemed sometimes like we'd go out of our way to get in each other's face.Eric, of course, was quite happy with all of this. Much later in the year, we Jenny and I became semi-friends. During that time, she explained to me that she was really happy we had fought as we did. She said it was important because now we knew each other's strengths and weaknesses. That would lead to a better understanding of our personalities and we could love the other even more. We could use the knowledge to form a stronger, more personal relationship. I, for one, never bought into any of that crap. I really didn't care about being in any kind of relationship. It was just around that time that I started wishing I would die. I wasn't suicidal. I just hated life. Especially mine.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Men Vs. Woman

Ok, now I know this post is going to piss some people off. Be warned. I'm about to give my honest opinion of some issues that affect both sexes. This rant comes after an extended conversation with my girlfriend.

1. My g/f is on a special diet due to her condition. I understand and respect that. There are some foods she can not eat. No problem. She needs all her food to be gluten free. Ok, that's fine. However, I do not have the same condition. I eat real meat, with all the chemicals and additives included. None of that strictly grass and grain fed crap. And while we're on the subject, I don't need it cooked till it's a shadow of it's former self. Those that remember George Carlin remember his famous speech about the human immune system. If my body doesn't need or want it, it will be extracted naturally. I also do not eat vegetables. I sit down to enjoy my meal, not to have a mini garden on my plate. No salad either. Give me a big thick greasy burger and two handfuls of fries. And pass the salt and ketchup.

2. I am a smoker. Mostly cigarettes, sometimes something else. I'm extremely sorry for anyone who has (or lost a loved one to) cancer. It runs in my family and I've lost a lot of them to that horrible disease. However, it both relaxes and calms me. It's my sexual afterglow, and my after dinner mint. I do agree that children under a certain age should not smoke (I started at 12). However, if I'm standing outside, I'd like to see you arrest me for lighting up. (I understand there are several cities, much like New York, that have this law). You don't want me to smoke while you're eating, or in a place like a plane where the smoke has nowhere to go, ok. But on a street corner? I'm gonna burn one.

3. My money is MY MONEY. Your money is YOUR MONEY. WE do not have money. No joint accounts, no pre-nup, you have yours and I have mine. When the bills come in, we can sit down and go over them. The electric bill is $50, we both drop $25 on the table. When we go to the store, I'll meet you at door. You buy your food and I'll buy mine. So many couple don't understand how much easier this is. If there's children involved, it's just as simple. Mary needs glasses, mom and dad drop $50 each. Is this really so hard to follow?

4. You expect me to treat you like a Queen? Alright, act like one. My names is not Jeeves. I am not here to clean your house, do your laundry, do your shopping and drive you around town. My job, as you're beau is to make you happy in ways no one else can. We are together for a reason. To make you laugh, to be your shoulder to cry on, to help you with your problems, and to make you scream in pleasure.

(I'm about to go out with a bang, folks)

5. This is something I can not say strongly enough. I AM NOT THE ONE THAT RISKS GETTING PREGNANT!!!! You know your cycle, I don't. It changes sometimes due to stress or medicine. Ok. If you say "not tonight", ok. But, when you say that, you loose your permission to get pissed off when I take an issue of "Barely Legal" in the bathroom with me. When I sit down and watch a porn, it's because I'm horny. If you're not, don't sit next to me and complain that I don't find you sexy anymore. Men & women fantasize and masturbate. It's a normal and healthy activity. It has nothing to do with you. I'm not a sex addict, I am a human being. Oh, and if you can "experiment" with your bff, then I can "play" with the cute waitress.

I must go now. The pepperoni pizza I ordered is here and "Anal Addicts" starts in a few minutes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Story

Hello my friends. I've decided that I'm going to give you a taste of who I am this time around. I do this with the first chapter of my autobiography. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
                                                       Legal Criminal

You'll agree with me, when you hear my story, that I should either be dead or in prison. However, I am neither. I am very lucky in the sense that I am a free man. I have suffered though. My mind does not work as a normal mind should. I suppose I am what most people would call "insane". My physical limitations also helped to plague my upbringing. Dispite (or maybe because) of this, I refuse to just quit.

I was born just after 2am on Jan. 27th, 1973. The exact same day that the treaty was signed that ended the Veitnam War. Little did I know it at the time, but my battle was just beginning. I went directly from my mother's womb into surgery and then into a body cast. Even though I was only an infant, it was clear, even to me, that there was something extreamlly wrong with the situation. Eventually, I was brought home. Home consisted of my mother, aunt, uncle, and four cousins. Sadly, my uncle passed away a few month after I arrived home.He did, however, make everyone promise to take care of me. Hence, with the exception of my cousin Steven and his wife Gloria, all the ladies in the family became my "mother". Steven and Gloria became my "adopted parents". That is, I adopted them. I was very loved and well taken care of. Also, much like the Holy Grail, I was overly protected. My uncle had a big german shepard named "Rebel". He slept under my crib and went wild when anyone walked in my room. In order to gain access to me, one person had to open my bedroom door and lure the dog out while someone else came in through the garage and took me out the back way.

Luckily, I was a quiet baby. Most of my time was spent sleeping. The surgries I endured took a lot out of me. When I was awake, I was being examined by my family or an army of doctors. Being in the casts, I was unable to walk or even crawl. So, to get around, I'd either "ride" Rebel like a horse. Or I'd lay on my stomach, reach out my arms, grab a handful of carpet, and pull myself foward.Doing that greatly built up my upper body strength. Without knowing it, I'd actually started the physical therapy that was suppost to begin when the casts came off. The problem was that my legs were unusuable.

The casts weren't removed till more then two years later. It was only then that the doctors realized they had made a huge mistake.Not only did the casts not help my legs, they damaged my internal organs.There was no way to fix my body after all this time in the casts.At this point, I basicly lived in the hospital. Physical therapy on my legs all day and watching television all night. When the nurses tok their breaks or ate dinner, they'd sit with me in my room. When I did good in therapy, I'd get a little kiss by the female doctors and nurses conducting the therapy. As I was a little over three years old, I was happy to be the center of attention. I got to the point where I was working hard simply to make the ladies happy. I had a bad limp, but I was walking by myself. Not long after going home, the secondary ill effects of the casts became clear.

Even though I was in the body casts, my body was still growing. The problem was that it had no room to expand as it grew. Therefore, my internal organs grew into and onto each other. By all accounts, I should have died. However, instead of expiring, I lived in an ever increasing amount of pain. Everything came to a head (pardon the pun) when it became clear that I was unable to dispose of my bodily solid waste. Liquid waste was being released in excess, mostly while I slept. I was taken to several doctors and given all kinds of medicine and other suggestions. One doctor even refused to let me leave his office untill I used the restroom. There was no operation that would help me and the medicines did not work. It came to the point where I was told that, much like my limp, I'd just have to live with it.

There was also something else happening to me. I began to not only talk to myself, I began to realize how much I enjoyed being alone. I would watch television and beta tapes and secretly hope the villin would win. In bed at night, I would whisper to the bad guys how to beat the good guys. Than, one day, I saw something on television that made me so happy, it was like a christmas present to me. The movie was "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". I didn't understand what it was, but the woman running through the woods with the monster chasing her made me excited in ways I couldn't explain. Even though I knew the difference between good and evil, I couldn't decide which one I was. At the time, I wan't aware I could be both.

Early on, the difference between male and female was ovious. Males were evil and females were victims. As most of my family were women, this hurt me. Dispite my personal pull towards being evil, I refused to do anything that would harm my family. The images from television stayed in my brain and attempted to make me bad. I would have dreams at night where I was the monster. Then, one day, I killed a few frogs in my backyard. I felt nothing. Not happy or sad or anything. I will not go into detail of how I did it. When I was finished, I threw the evidence in the trash and went on with my day as if nothing had happened. After that, the dreams stopped for a long time.

Due to all the time I had spent in the hospital, I haden't started school yet. In a way, you could say I was home schooled at that time. My family and the hospital staff taught me all they could. I was always asking questions and they answered them as best they could. Eventually, though, I was deemed healthy enough to go to a real school. I was a little older than the other children there. As such, I was shuffled around between grades and classes. This caused problems for me with the other students. In the beginning, I had more enimies then anyone. More than once, I sinply left school and walked back home. On one occation, the school principal came to my house to talk to me and my family. I explained to everyone how I was treated because of both my age and physical limitations. I simply wanted to be left alone. I would have been more then happy to do all the school work in my bedroom, where I spent the majority of my time. The end result of the conversation was the principal and my family chasing me all around the back yard, trying to catch me and bring me back to school. I was dragged back, kicking and screaming. A few months later, it was clear that I was very bored. The work was beyond easy and I'd finish it quickly.

In forth grade, I was ordered to play the orge in a class production of "Three Billy Goats Gruff". When my scene came, I could even remember my lines. As I ran out of the classroom, I heard all the other kids laughing. Two very important things happened as I sat in the hallway, crying. First, one of my classmates, a girl named Julie, followed me out and stayed with me. She held my hand the entire time as she talked to me and calmed me down. After I had settled down, she promised me it didn't matter how my preformance went. She'd still like me and be my friend no matter what I did. Secondly, I began to realize that even if I screwed up, it would not be any worse than what I'd already experienced. I should have died several times by then. Much like in the hospital, I'd simply do the best I could. After going to the restroom to clean up a bit, I walked back into the classroom and, with everyone staring, preformed my little heart out. As the play ended, Julie ran up and gave me a big hug. After that, I went to school every day with a smile on my face. It began to dawn on me that females weren't as weak as I'd thought. They were just different. Knowing that, I began to wonder if males were the weaker sex.

Everything was fine untill I reached six grade. At that point, I understood just how different I was from everyone else. Life changing key events happened. There was a movie I had seen a few times called "The Shining".  There's a line in the film that goes, "Wendy,darling, light of my life. I'm not gonna hurt you. You didn't let me finish my sentence. I said I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm just gonna bash your brains in.". That scene greatly appealed to me. One day, while I was walking home from school, a chained up dog, I believe it was a pit bull or a boxer, came snapping at me. As I watched this anaimal do it's best to scare me away, I picked up a large tree branch. Silently reciting the very same quote from the film, I slowly walked toward this dog and it was slowly backing away.When it was backed into a corner, the owner came out of his house and asked what I was doing. Not saying a word, I simply dropped the tree branch and walked away. I didn't really care either way what happened. Life, Death, Pick One. There was a program in my school called "Scared Straight". The police would come to the school and select certain students. The children were brought to the jail and "booked", fingerprinted, and placed in cells. It was to get kids to understand what happened when they broke the law. In my cell, I beat up a kid for taking what the officer said was my cot. I layed down and litterlly fell asleep.

I kept a very very small group of friends. Most people kept their distance from me. I neither knew nor cared why. During recess, I'd usually sit by myself. One day, though, I heard a girl screaming. Only intending to see what was going on, I walked over to the field next to the school. There was a hole ripped in the gate and I crawled through it. When the two boys noticed me walking toward them, they took off running. The girl was scared, but unharmed. I knew she wasn't in the special ed classes I was enroled in. Walking her back to school, she asked me if I wanted to go over to her house after school. After calling me family to let them know, I agreed and we met after class.Her mother picked us up after school and we climbed in the backseat where she cuddled up against me. I found it intresting to see what other kids did when they got home. While her mother made us snacks, we watched "cartoons". When I got home from school, I'd watch "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" or "I Spit On Your Grave". She watched "Bugs Bunny" or "Inspector Gadget".

After a while, we went upstairs to her room to do homework. Laying next to each other, I felt happy. Nothing sexual or erotic, but we touched and played with each other for a few hours. I was picked up just before dinner time. Once in a while, we'd see one another in school. She's sit with me during lunch or recess. Soon, I was introduced to a friend of her's named Heather. Most days, they'd go back to Heather's house after school. One day, I saved the girls from some bullies that were pushing them around. I was invited to go to Heather's house with them that afternoon. She only lived a block from the school and we stopped at the 7-11 on the way to get soda and snacks. The three of us went right up to her bedroom. Much like at Amanda's house, we did homework then hung out till it was time to go home. This happened several times a week for a few months. The girls were beginning to develop in a big way. As such, our conversations were very unchildish. Then came the day when our luck changed for the better. After arriving at our after school hangout, we learned we'd be alone and unsupervised for several hours as Heather's mother had to work a double shift.

Having watched the movies I did, I'd already seen a female's body. However, in the flesh was an unknown experience for me. That day, I began the conversation about the many differences between the male and female body. Maybe the girls really liked and trusted me. Perhaps they felt I deserved a reward for protecting them from the bullies. Whatever it was, they both completly undressed right there in front of me, panties and all. They took a while to explore each other. They were clearly different. Amanda was starting to grow hair in intresting places and Heather had a bigger chest. Eventually, they got around to me and that's when the real fun began. When I watched the movies, I felt funny in a weird way and I became hard. I had the exact same reaction with these two naked girls. Slowly removing my clothes, the girls were enthraled with how strange my body was. Because of the casts and all the surgeries, I am slightly deformed. It seemed, however, that no matter what the age, all females have a maternal instinct. As opposed to being totally grossed out, they had a sudden jones to make me a comfortable and happy as they possiblly could.

Streching out on the bed, with not a stitch of clothing on any of us, we explored each other. When something felt good, we kept with it. Dispite the fact that we didn't really know what sex was, we three did have sexual intercourse. Now, as an adult, I know what we did was wrong. At the time, though, we were just children playing.The three of us were onlt together the one time, but we remained friends untill graduation. I have not seen or heard from the girls since.

That is the end of chapter one. I have been writing this forover five years and I am still nowhere near the end. I do hope you now understand me a little better. And for those of you who wish to remain my friend, I ask that you leave me a comment on what you think. How many of you wish to hear the entire story? Would you have done anything different that I had? If so, what? Let me know.

I thank you for your time and will be in contact again soon.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


The new book by my fellow Naughty Night Press author Katie Salidas is going to tie you in knots with it's steamy descriptions of a young woman who has a deep need to please her lover. No matter what the cost is to herself. Does he deserve her? Has she earned him? Pick up Occupational Therapy and follow this twisted affair to it's explosive finish.

I heard her walking away for a moment. When Chloe returned she pushed my feet wide apart. She clamped something around my right ankle, then my left. I risked a glance down between my legs and was surprised to see padded cuffs connected to a three-foot steel bar. I shivered as Chloe secured the rope to an eyelet in the center of the bar.
No matter how much I tried to squeeze, I couldn’t bring my knees together. My most tender parts were not just on display; they were completely vulnerable. If it was Master back there I didn’t think I’d mind at all. But of course, it wasn’t.
"Raise your face. Look at me," Master commanded.
He sat on the edge of the bed, His crotch swollen so much that it was impossible to focus on anything else. It was
right there, only inches from my face...but completely inaccessible to me."You like what you see." He mocked me with His taunting tone.
Hell, yeah, I did. I flicked my eyes up to catch His for a second. He held my gaze with those penetrating blue eyes, but reached His hand out towards Chloe, who scurried over to take it. She kissed it, placed it on the back of her neck...and started unfastening His leather pants!
I ground my mouth around the smoothness of the ball gag. The red-headed minx was touching
my Master! My body trembled with anger, the way it did when assholes tried to fuck me over in the boardroom. But at least in business I could speak. Here I was mute. Because He willed it.Why? Why wouldn’t He put me over His knee again? Why, when He knew how wet it made me, how sweet it would be when He drove His cock inside me?
Chloe finished stripping Master and walked back past me. He sat back on the edge of the bed, His cock at half-mast, pulsing with every beat of His heart.

Katie Salidas is a Super Woman! Endowed with special powers and abilities, beyond those of mortal women, She can get the munchkins off to gymnastics, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, and swim lessons.  She can put hot food on the table for dinner while assisting with homework, baths, and bedtime… And, She still finds the time to keep the hubby happy (nudge nudge wink wink). She can do all of this and still have time to write.
And if you can believe all of those lies, there is some beautiful swamp land in Florida for sale…
Katie Salidas resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mother, wife, and author, she does try to do it all, often causing sleep deprivation and many nights passed out at the computer. Writing books is her passion, and she hopes that her passion will bring you hours of entertainment.



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Saturday, November 3, 2012

What The Hell Happened?

Hello. My name is Shawn Monrowe. I'd like to ask you a question. In a nutshell...


Allow me to explain my question.

When I was growing up, things were different. Now, I'm not gonna give the old "I walked five miles through snow to get to school" speech. That's not what I'm tallking about. I mean, in regards to entertainment. Lady Gaga? Justin Bieber? Kenny Chesney?

Done. Done. And Done. And to a much more memorable degree, I might add.

Any one remember...

Dee Snider? Wanna talk about insane make-up and costumes?

How about Tiffany "I Think We're Alone Now" Renee Darwish? (By the way, that's her real middle and last name).

I'm sure you remember Kenny Rogers. No? Willie Nelson? Surely you know Johnny Cash?

And do you know why you remember these artists? Because they gave you your money's worth. They didn't bombard you for six months untill the next "American Idol" (or as I remember it "Star Search") came along. They played with your heart and mind in a way that left you wanting more. Now, I know some of you reading this are going to think that I'm just picking on people that I don't like. There are a few modern bands/singers that I think are great. Katy Perry's "California Girls" was a catchy little tune. And Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" had me laughing my ass off.

But I digress, there is no showmanship anymore. There's simply a line, three city blocks long, sitting outside your door, waiting for your hard earned money and five minutes of your already packed day. And they don't deserve either of them from you.

Having said what I said above, I'd like to address something else that I've noticed lately in the world of entertainment. When did the world become so soft and squesmish? Yes, now I'm talking about movies.

I've decided to give you more of a visual aid for this one.

                         Horror Movie

                      Not A Horror Movie

                      Revenge Flick

                 Not A Revenge Flick


                       Non Comedies

And don't talk to me about remakes or any such b.s. like that. Hollywood hasn't had an original thought since Bud Abbott and Lou Costello met Frankenstein. And that's a real shame considering that there are a lot of talented writers and directors out there who COULD do something that would make people talk and think. Not just shell out $ 30 to sit in a freezing cold room, surrounded by strangers and wondering who they should vote for in this years election.

(And by the way, why do they have commercials in the movie theather? Doesn't that defeat the point of going?)

Anyway, I will sign off now before I think of more things that make me wish I was born a slave to the "Leather Goddesses Of Phobos".